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Does TMJ Surgery Change Your Face?

Posted on 7/10/2023 by Evan
Does TMJ Surgery Change Your Face?TMJ surgery, also known as temporomandibular joint surgery, is a procedure done to restore, change and improve the functional purposes and abnormal alignment of the jaw structure in a patient. Most disorders associated with this joint are known to cause jaw misalignment, irregularities within the teeth, and a poor bite system.

Most headaches, earaches, and pain occurrences while chewing are related to TMJ; hence the surgery performed on the jaw can be a life changer for patients who want to repair damages and improve the overall functionality of this jaw structure. However, questions concerning changes in the face after this procedure continue to arise. Does TMJ surgery change your look?

TMJ Surgery changes the face by Moving and Reshaping the Patient's Face

During TMJ surgery, the Muscles present within the patient's face are moved from their original position, causing reshaping of the shape. The jaw bones are cut, molded, and moved in forward-backward movement, then fixed in a particular place within the patient's face, resulting in a new facial look.

TMJ Surgery Procedure may require additional Bone Implants

In some cases, the surgeon may add extra bone implants to the jaw structure during the surgery that causes the facial muscle alignment to shift or move. Furthermore, dentists use surgical temporal wires to hold these bones until the existing bones become fully grafted with the implanted bones. Moreover, this procedure may result in an additional mass on the jaw structure, giving the face a more symmetrical appearance.

TMJ Surgery Makes Corrections on the Over-bite

Overbite correction is achieved by moving the TMJ jaw muscles forward and backward during surgery, thus resulting in an improved facial appearance that is stronger and more pronounced. In general, TMJ surgery improves the public appearance of the face, thus giving the patient more appealing and beautiful facial features.

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